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Welcome to SUSCHEManswers.be, the web-platform to answer your questions about sustainable chemistry.

This website is an initiative of essenscia, in cooperation with its partners and aims to help any company which produces chemicals or uses chemicals in its production processes with questions around sustainability.

Although a large amount of information can already be found in the links, you still may have a specific question on sustainable chemistry.

Please feel free to submit your question, in english or dutch. 

Questions may be related to any aspects of sustainable chemistry : sustainability measurement methods, regulations such as REACH, CLP..., innovation, use of biomass, green chemistry, innovative logistics, sharing infrastructure, governmental support, finding partners etc...

Submitting a question is free of charge but requires registration. Your questions will be treated anonymously, however when a more detailed study is required we may contact you to identify yourself to bring you in contact with potential solution providers.

Your questions are treated by either essenscia or one of its partners with expertise in different fields of sustainable chemistry. An overview of the various partners can be found on the 'partner' page of the website.

The quality of the answer will largely depend on the quality of your question. We therefore ask you to be as precise and accurate as possible when defining your question.

Looking for sustainability measurement methods? Try our SUSCHEMcompass at the page 'compass' which will guide you to the most suitable measurement methods.

 The events page gives an overview of events, symposia, courses etc.. for Belgium and its neighbouring countries, relevant for the transtion to sustainable chemistry.

The 'links page' provides a summary of interesting links to projects, initiatives or organisations which are relevant for sustainable chemistry.

The content of the answers has been composed with the best effort, based upon information from reliable sources available at the time of the writing, in order to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. However, due to the continuous evolution of the matter there always remains a possibility that the information is not completely accurate and up-to-date. The SUSCHEManswers partners therefore disclaim any responsibility for any errors or any incompleteness.